Mailing Services

Quality first-class mailing!

We folks at The Elegant Envelope are your First Class experts! After, we’ve addressed your envelopes, let us stuff and seal your pieces. And, because creating the most personalized experience for your recipients is our reason for being, we always apply live stamps for the postage.

  • Invitations – From Inaugural Balls to Corporate Galas to Annual Dinners, we’ll make sure all of your inserts are present, in the right order, and ready to make your invitees very happy!
  • Letter/Matched Mailings – We do all of your matched mailings by hand to ensure that every single piece is paired exactly as it should be.
  • Special Handling – We’ve mailed tubes, we’ve mailed boxes, we’ve put together media mail, calendars, and all kinds of other stuff. Whatever you have on hand, we’re ready to help!
  • Holiday Cards – If you or your organization sends out holiday cards, let us help you take it off your plate.

We welcome small and large projects, but we only mail First Class (non-bulk/standard projects) from in-house. We work with some great partners if your project calls for bulk. Call us in either case.